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Why do your own Vintage Pinup or Boudoir Shoot...?

Many women think a pinup or boudoir session is just not for them, that pinup or boudoir is for soon-to-be-brides or gorgeous young women who can pose and strut their stuff like models. But pinup and boudoir is so much more than lingerie and sexy posing. It's about seeing yourself from a different perspective and finding power and strength in who you are.

There are tons of reasons why women choose to do their own photography sessions, and your reason is unique to you, but here are some milestones and moments women have chosen to commemorate with a their own pinup or boudoir session.

Capture a stellar time in your life

Have you received a big promotion at work? Achieved a goal you’ve been working toward for years? A Pearl Davies Vintage Pinup and boudoir session can be a great way to capture this moment in your life and help you look back and remember your joy and pride.

Mark a major change

Maybe you’ve lost a ton of weight, and you want to reward yourself for those hours at the gym. A personal photography session, let it be a vintage pinup and boudoir session or even some fabulous styled portraits can serve as an awesome treat for you and give you a chance to show off that hot bod. The world loves you just how you are though, and how you are today!

Celebrate the single life

Vintage Pinup and Boudoir isn’t just for a significant other—it’s for you, mainly you. Maybe you’ve gone through a rough breakup or just gotten out of a bad relationship. Get your confidence back with some sexy boudoir photos, some fun pinup photography of yourself or even some casual portraits and remind yourself of how amazing you are. You deserve it sugar and you know what, a lot of the time you find the one when you aren't even looking. Get out and have some fun, treat yo-self sista!

Recognize your service

Women who serve in the military sometimes find themselves feeling less feminine or attractive. Whether you’ve spent months or years serving, your own photography session can put you back in touch with your femininity and show off your inner and outer strength. The answer is yes too, we will not share or show your images anywhere without your permission.

Break free from your comfort zone

Have you ever wanted to try something you’ve never done before or maybe be someone else for the day? Many women feel any photography session for them let alone a vintage pinup and boudoir session is way outside their comfort zone, but that’s what is so freeing about it! Take a chance and let your guard down. You’ll be so glad you did. If pinup and boudoir is not your thang that's fine - I have loads of backdrops set structures that are more casual and laid back.

Embrace your age

Photography isn’t just for the very young. You deserve to celebrate your beauty at any age, whether it’s 30, 50 or 100. A boudoir session can help you see just how uniquely gorgeous you are.

Boost your confidence

There are plenty of times in your life when you could use a little more confidence, whether it’s moving to a new city or starting a new job. Boudoir photos can be something you can look back on years later to remind yourself of a moment when you were brave and bold. That confidence will definitely come in handy.

Whatever your reason for doing a photography session, you deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, and stunning. And I would love to help make that happen. Get in touch and let's chat!

Much Love and Gumption

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