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Part III Atomic Hideaway Construction


Part III of the Atomic Hideaway Newcastle Construction: the cement pour. This was fun to watch. We had visits from a few cement trucks that morning as they continuously ran out of wet cement, something about the calculations not being accurate..? It all worked out in the end though.

the guys did a rad job, pretty funny too, dudes soothing around with no shirts on, smoking. A bit crass but they got the job done. I’ve always wondered how they smooth it all out whilst standing on it and without sinking - it’s wet cement!?!?!?

I’ll be opening up a VIP GROUP ONLY special which includes your own Pearl Davies Photography session + Night’s Accommodation so that’s exciting. I’m only limiting this grand opening offer to the first 5 or 10 purchases so if you’ve been sitting on the fence on wether to have your own session this would be the time to get amongst it, play and stay - so get ready for that.

The main house is packed with all the interior goodies like new blankets, new pillows, new towels, all the goodies you’ll need to be comfortable for your stay, and then some. I’ve even started to buy portion control condiments like little Vegemite and Honey packs for the kitchen.


Vintage Pinup & Boudoir Photography

Atomic Hideaway: A Retro Revival themed short stay accommodation

Newcastle New South Wales Australia

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