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MisKonduct Klothing Spring Soiree Tuesday September 12

Ingall Street Eatery and MisKonduct Klothing will combine forces in September for

The Spring Soiree.

The Mayfield business collab aims to celebrate local talent and foster community support with an evening filled with entertainment, cuisine, and a showcase of home-grown creativity.

Featuring an impressive lineup of attractions, The Spring Soiree will showcase the dynamic arts scene that thrives within the Newcastle region. From the glamour of a burlesque performance by renowned international pinup figure Bettie Bang Bang to an exclusive photography exhibition featuring the works of acclaimed pinup photographer Pearl Davies - that's moi!

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn vintage hair and makeup techniques through a tutorial led by Jamie of Cupcakes Coiffure, a wig stylist and Napoleon Perdis makeup specialist.

To top it all off, a fashion exhibit will unveil MisKonduct Klothing latest Spring collection, showcasing the local brand’s innovative designs.

The evening will also feature a meticulously curated three-course meal crafted by Ingall St Eatery’s chefs. Starting with antipasto share plates and culminating in a selection of delectable desserts, the menu caters to diverse palates and dietary needs.

Tickets to The Spring Soiree, on Tuesday, September 12th at Ingall St Eatery within the Mayfield Bowling Club, are on sale now. To purchase tickets and find out more about the event visit



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