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Part II Atomic Hideaway Construction


So the Atomic Hideaway is well underway here in Newcastle Australia. We needed cement peering beneath the ground which came to be round cement slabs, about 40cm diameter dug about 1m or so below surface level. Cement peering is thought to be legs to a table, they assist to help stabilise dwellings which I’m totally keen on, no sinking structures here thankyou , na-ahh no ma’am.

On the first day of construction during the drilling for cement peers our rad tradies hit pipes and plumbing. They came to fix and replace pretty quickly as shit could have hittith thy fan, or our clothesline, shit could have literally hit our clothesline as they hit the sewage pipes 🥴, can you just imagine..? Pretty sure I had a dusty burrito the day before too, peee-u! 🌯

Our tradies have been pretty awesome, real nice dudes that don’t muck about, are super talented, good for a laugh and get the job done, and fast.

These white waffle raft foam things here, apparently they reduce the effects of soil movement, decrease the amount of concrete required (is that code word for ‘tight ass’ 🤔), and have thermal insular properties making them a cost effective component.

The Atomic Hideaway will be a multi purpose dwelling based here in Newcastle NSW Australia. As a Retro Revival themed Short Stay Accommodation it will be a cool place for your staycation or if you’re an out of towner and here to see our beautiful city and all its goodies. Home to Pearl Davies Photography the Atomic Hideaway will be made available to other creatives for still and motion picture as well as utilised as a quirky greenroom for touring artists.

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Vintage Pinup & Boudoir Photography

Atomic Hideaway: A Retro Revival themed short stay accommodation

Newcastle New South Wales Australia

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