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Pearl Davies Meets With The Lovely 'With Love from Bree-Lacey' Brand

With Love Bree Lacey is an Australian vintage inspired brand based out of Newcastle New South Wales Australia. I was stoked as to meet up with Bree-Lacey on my visit back home. She is all the sweetness of her social posts and is just so lovely.

I was happy to do a few photographs for her and her sweet little brand. Below, check out some of her lovely items and what she has to say about herself.

"My Name is Bree-Lacey, at the time I’m writing this my last name is Nelson however in sixty five days it will be changing to Bickham as I marry the man I love ( so excited!!). From this you can guess that a fair bit of what I’ll be posting to start with will be wedding related.

Aside from this the main reason I’m actually blogging is because I’m attempting to get my own little fashion label off the ground. Long term I hope not only to be making beautiful things but also to be making the World a more beautiful place. I strongly believe that for something to be truly beautiful it cannot be made under ugly circumstances, unfortunately much of current fashion doesn’t follow that belief. My aim is to use my label to provide fair employment, training and opportunities for those it employs, whether that’s 2 or 20 people. I am excited to be a part of the movement in the fashion industry towards sustainable and ethical practice. I hope to use the talents I have to contribute as much as I can towards this end.

For now though my label consists of me, my wonderful Nan and my sewing machine. (I shall not deem to include my over-locker in this list as we are presently having a major disagreement) I adore all things vintage so most of what I make is at least vintage inspired, if not made from a true 1950’s pattern I’ve found op-shopping or searching the depths of my Nans collection. I also try to make things from recycled and vintage fabrics, not just to be environmental but also because old fabrics have oh so pretty floral prints and such charm.

So that’s a bit about me. From this blog you can expect lots of vintage fashion( that should be very clear by this point) also some inspiring ethical/ sustainable brands I’ve stumbled across, terrible selfies of me wearing things I’ve made, photo’s of other people wearing things I’ve made and perhaps the odd baking adventure or crafty how to. If all that sounds just like your cup of tea then I hope you will enjoy my blog and I look forward to hearing from you- With Love Bree-Lacey xx"

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