Supper Club Recipe: Banoffee Ice Cream Pie


  • 220g / 8oz milk chocolate

  • 600ml / 20 fl.oz cream, chilled 

  • 400ml / 14oz tin Caramel Top n Fill (dulce de leche)

  • 3 x Bananas

Preparation: 30mins Set time: 4hrs Ready in: 4.5hrs Directions

  1. Melt 150g/5oz of the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, in the microwave, in 30-second increments, stirring after each until smooth.

  2. Line a 20-cm springform cake tin with cling wrap.

  3. Pour the chocolate into the base of the tin, smooth with a spoon and place in the freezer.

  4. In a large bowl, beat 300ml of cream just until soft peaks form. Add the Top n Fill and mix to combine. Pour half the caramel mixture over the chocolate base and return to the freezer for 2 hours.

  5. Cover remaining caramel with cling wrap and refrigerate. Once caramel layer is nice and firm, remove from freezer, cut the bananas into 2-cm chunks and place over the top.

  6. Melt another 60g of chocolate in the microwave until smooth. Add 50ml of cream and mix to make a chocolate sauce. Drizzle this sauce over the banana layer. Sit for 2 minutes, then top with the remaining caramel.

  7. Smooth the top once again. Return to the freezer to completely set, at least 2 hours.

  8. Before serving whip the remaining 250ml of cream and smooth over the top of the ice-cream cake.

  9. Decorate by grating the remaining chocolate over the top.Optional: For THE MOST DELICIOUS Caramel Ice-cream see page 92, simply beat 300ml thickened cream just until soft peaks start to form. Mix in 400g can of Caramel Top n Fill until well combined. Pour into a paper lined 23 x 13-cm loaf tin, cover with cling wrap and freeze overnight.



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