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What is Defamation..?

What is defamation?

Defamation is being subjected to slanderous, libellous or defamatory comments or publications.

If you have been subjected to defamation, you should seek legal advice immediately to prevent the further spread of the defamatory material and to repair any damage which has already been done to your reputation.

If you have been accused of making a defamatory comment or publication, you should seek legal advice immediately as there may be consequences for not responding in an appropriate timeframe.

Can I claim for defamation?

You may be able to claim for defamation if you can show that:

  • A comment or publication (which contains the alleged defamatory material) was communicated by the defendant to a third party

  • The comment or publication adequately identified the plaintiff

  • The comment or publication contained defamatory imputations

  • The defendant is not able to rely on any defence which may be available to him/her

  • Either a person, or a company that employs less than 10 full time employees

  • Action has commenced for defamation within 1 year of the date of the comment or publication.

Avoiding the cost and stress of having a defamation matter brought before the Court is highly advisable and our defamation lawyers can provide expert advice on ways in which appropriate outcomes can be negotiated, without the need to have a complaint heard in Court. A short clip on social Defamation:



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