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National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

For community groups

Everyone has a role in creating safe and supportive places for children and young people.

Your community organisation can help celebrate the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on Friday 21 March 2014.

Community groups, sporting groups and local businesses

To get behind the National Day of Action, you could:

  • Contact your local school to find out if you can support their activities.

  • Run your own event on the day to show that your group does not tolerate bullying or violence in any way.

Kindergartens and child care centres

To support the National Day of Action, focus on activities to help young children learn about how to get on with others and how to solve their problems without physical or verbal aggression.

Download the Bullying. No Way! free iPad app for children from 3 - 8 years of age. The Allen Adventure is an interactive story to help children learn about how to tell how others are feeling, how to get on with others and how to deal with difficult social situations. The app is supported by information for educators and parents on the Bullying. No Way! Young Children section.

The Allen Adventure lesson plans have been developed for early childhood educators based on the story of The Allen Adventure. These lesson plans promote social and emotional development and prosocial behavior and provide opportunities for learning skills and discussing the importance of getting on with each other.

Listen to the Kinda Mean song from The Allen Adventure with your group and make up a dance or write additional lyrics to the song.




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