I have never done this before. I'm nervous!

We completely understand the nerves that can go along with a boudoir session. We do everything we can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session. Enjoy a mimosa while you relax in hair and makeup and when it's time to start the shoot, we'll turn the music up and have a great time! We are here to help you with posing, direction and to bring out that playful diva in you.

I don’t know how to pose sexy! Will you help?

YES, ma'am!! We are going to direct and guide you through the entire session. We get into the pose to show you how it looks, and then we help you get into the pose. We help you every step of the way, from your fingers to your toes. We will direct and coach you throughout the entire session to ensure that we capture your most natural poses, movement, and expressions of emotion.

Will my images be made public?

We understand the delicate and intimate nature of your images and we respect every client's privacy. Every client has the choice to either decline the model release, keeping her images off the internet and inside the studio, or release her images to be used outside of the studio. If you choose to release your images, your images may be posted to Facebook (don't worry, we will never tag you), on our website, in our blog posts and featured on our marketing materials. If you choose to sign a release, we NEVER use your name on any posts and we do not tag you on Facebook in your images. Your gallery and images stay anonymous on our end. You are more than welcome to tag yourself in any image posted and share from our website and Facebook page as long as the watermark stays present. 

Do you offer hair and makeup?

Yes! Hair and makeup is included with The Adore Girls Dream Shoot and is available as an add-on with our Value Packages. Our very talented professional hair and makeup stylist will transform you into the ultimate bombshell! You will spend approximately one hour in hair and makeup before we start your session.

Do I bring my own wardrobe or do you provide it?

We do have a wardrobe closet that you can use but we always encourage you to bring your own. We do offer wardrobe consultations after you book your Dream Session where you can go through the closet and try pieces on. When you arrive, we will lay out all of your wardrobe and go through it with you helping you choose the perfect pieces. We do suggest bringing a few extra options. We have black heels in sizes 6-11, so if you don't have black heels, don't feel like you have to run out and buy a pair.