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I’ve worked with brands and fashion designers throughout Australia and the United States and want to know you.


We have 5 advertising spots available on the sidebar which get rotated weekly and come in three different sizes to suit your budget.


Advertising Options:

1. Large 5" x 7" for 1 x month Position: $28.00

2. Medium 5" x 5" for 1 x Month Positioning: $18.00

3. Small 5" x 2" for 1 x Month positioning: $8.00

4. Buy your spot and have the option for it to be in #1 rotating postition (5 spots available only) for 1 x Month: $10.00



Want your clothing range photographed by Pearl Davies? We can arrange a full lookbook shoot with talented models who can assist in selling your product.



For all inquiries, please email me at


I look forward to hearing from you.


Pearl Davies  Statistics (as of January 1st 2019):


Top viewing countries:

1. USA

2. Australia

3. United Kingdom

4. New Zealand

5. Canada

6. Germany


Social Media Statistics:

Instagram: +36,000 Fans

Tumbler: +1,000 Fans

Facebook: +50,000 Fans 

Twitter: +1,693 Fans

Pinterst: +1,300 Fans

Vintage Pinup & Boudoir Photography

Atomic Hideaway: A Retro Revival themed short stay accommodation

Newcastle New South Wales Australia

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