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Our Pearl Davies Photography subscription offer is exclusive, with minimal availability each year, suited to women who need regular content for their business, social media or subscription based platforms. 

How Does It Work?

By signing up to a subscription, you are securing the savings at a lower rate of the standard Content Creator Package. The more sessions you commit to the less it is a cost to you. A minimum, non refundable retainer of $350 is required to secure your first session date. This covers the costs involved in setting up your subscription which will start immediately. Then on the day of your first session, your once off instalment, in correlation to which subscription you signed up for, is due. Each subscription gives different savings, benefits and options to purchase more images should you want to. Anyone is welcome to pay out their subscription at any time if that best suits your circumstance. A legal contract will be signed between Pearl Davies Photography and the client.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be over 18 years of age

  • Use of the images is for social media, business or subscription based platforms.

  • $350 non-refundable retainer is required to secure first session date. 

  • Chosen Installment is required prior to the day of your first session by completing below form.

  • Sessions must be completed within subscription time-frame

  • Weekly subscription payments will start immediately upon confirmed subscription.

Each sessions includes:

  • Preparation Guide

  • 60-90 minute guided session x by the amount of sessions on your chosen subscription.

  • Full posing guidance by Pearl Davies

  • Same Day viewing of your gallery

  • Digital images of approx 2.5MP, 2000 pixels on longest sides, non watermarked. 

  • 3 week turn around time on images.

Not Included: 

  • Hair and Makeup Services

  • Location costs for sessions outside of studio (hotels/air bnb's etc)

  • Additional $100 per session booked on a weekend, payable on the day.

Starter Subscription - $60 per week over 52 weeks

One off $350 retainer + $60 p/w

3 sessions over 52 weeks

10 images each session

Additional images @ $80 each

That's $1040 per session and minimum of 30 images over subscription term

Value Subscription - $70 per week over 52 weeks

One off $350 retainer + $70 p/w

4 sessions over 52 weeks

20 images each session

Additional images @ $60 each

That's $910 per session and minimum of 80 images over subscription term

Saver Subscription - $90 per week over 52 weeks

One off $350 retainer + $90 p/w

6 sessions over 52 weeks

30 images each session.

Additional images @ $40 each

That's $780 per session with minimum of 180 images over subscription term

How often can I have my shoots?

I do ask that we keep a minimum 4 week gap between sessions but please reach out as everyone's circumstance is different. If you're travelling interstate or international we will definitely try to work with your schedule.

I am very Private and my sessions will be Confidential. Is this ok?

You bet. Your privacy is our priority, for those who need to remain anonymous I take extra precautions to keep your images and private information safe and away from the public.

Do all the shoots have to be at your studio?

No way. We can shoot where ever you like to keep your images unique. Let it be known that any costs associated with locations outside of the studio are the responsibility of you, the client. 

Why don't you include hair and makeup?

From experience, most people have their own makeup artist they prefer or can apply themselves. I have an extensive list of contacts if you need to book someone. I can have my stylist assist but it will be an add on of $150.00 for each session you're wanting hair and makeup provided. I also have a list of local fabulous stylists I can hand to you too. 

Do you assist with posing?

You know it! I have several guides on posing and am here to help guide and pose you through your whole session. 

Can we do themed sessions?

Um, yassss!!! I love getting creative to provide totally different and unique images. Any costs associated with achieving the theme is the client's responsibility if I do not already have the props or set design. 

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

Subscribers get my biggest ever discount because they have more sessions. You may cancel at any time in writing to but you will be invoiced monies owed at my regular pricing at the time of cancellation so please make sure having a subscription service is right for you. 

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