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As a judge and co presenter alongside Nashville's own King Dado (UVUDU? Imaging and Music City Burlesque) for this years inaugural Miss Nashville Boogie; international super model, television personality, business owner and mummah of 3 Sabina Kelley is taking life by the balls in showing us that with hard work, determination and a dream you can do anything, and in Sabina's case by the looks of it, E V E R Y T H I N G! Pearl Davies chats with Kelley on her growing entrepreneurial success, how it is possible to be a successful heavily inked business woman, having a plan B and her passion on a family first motto.


Pearl Davies: How did you start your modelling career and did you know you would become so successful?

Sabina Kelley: I never wanted to be a model, modeling just kind of fell into my lap.  I was asked to shoot for the cover of Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine and my career just snowballed from there.  I was really good at modeling and just followed my heart and my own style and became successful being myself.  



Pearl Davies: You own and run your own tattoo removal studio Bombshell Tattoo Removal in Las Vegas.  What inspired you to put this together, did you want something removed yourself?
Sabina Kelley: I opened up BTR as a plan B, if I could no longer model after the birth of my last child.  I owned a tattoo shop and in no way could be a tattoo artist, but wanted to do something that had to do with the industry. A lot of people I know were wanting to get tattoos removed, so I went to school for it.  BTR has been going strong for 7 years now.

You can check out Bombshell Tattoo Removal at



Pearl Davies: The 'Pinup' Production at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas: You have been performing alongside /Playmate of the Year/ and talented performer Claire Sinclair as well as headlining the show yourself. What training/rehearsals were involved leading up to its launch and what do you like best about the production?
Sabina Kelley: Yes, I guest I headline PinUp.  I trained for about a month before I went into the show.  The show is extremely easy for me.  I have a very strong dance background, so stepping into a role designed for a non dancer, made the show easy to learn.  I'm in the process of having them let me dance more, when I'm in the show.  I do like how fun the show is, we have a great cast and the show is super cute.  Definitely a show you won't want to miss.



Pearl Davies: You are a judge on 'Best Ink' and see a lot of artistic talent around. Who would be your top 3 favorite tattoo artists and what sets them apart from others in their field?
Sabina Kelley: 
1. Nixx @Nixx383 
2. Chuey Quintanar @ChueyQuintanar
3. Franco Vescovi @Franco_Vescovi
These 3 artists are incredible and all have a unique style that is rare and incredible.  They're work is so clean, sharp, and perfect!

Pearl Davies: You are a busy entrepreneur, a performer, you have your own successful business, you are a model and a mummy. How do you handle your busy schedules and take care of your little cutie pies? 

Sabina Kelley: I'm a Super Momdel, lol!  I really don't have a choice, I'm a single mom and have dreams I still want to conquer.  I have just learned to balance my life very well.  It's not easy, but I just don't screw around. I use all my time wisely. Obviously no matter what family is first.

Pearl Davies: Pinups and Tattoos: Your first tattoo is a horseshoe on the back of your neck accompanied with a dead swallow, the number 13, flowers and flames. To date, what would be your favorite piece of tattoo artwork that you have, where is it located and what tattoo artist did this for you?
SK: My favorite tattoo has to be the 3 roses on my neck, one for each of my little ones, which was done by Chuey Quintanar.

Pearl Davies: You are the first heavily inked showgirl to perform in Las Vegas. What are your thoughts on women in the modeling industry having tattoos and to those that may a pose it?
Sabina Kelley: I am the first heavily tattooed showgirl to headline on the Las Vegas strip.  I don't have a problem with woman that are models that have tattoos as long as they are classy.  It still is not acceptable in the high fashion world for models to have tattoos, so if you truly want to be a model, do NOT get tattooed.  Being tattooed will not make you a model, and will just make it a million times harder to model.  



Pearl Davies: What are your life goals as an international model, is there anyone you would want to shoot with or advertise with? As a public figure, what message do you want to send out into the universe? 

Sabina Kelley: Obviously you can't model forever, and I'm lucky I have made a big name for myself.  My biggest modeling goals are to shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth in couture clothes on the cover of Vogue.  My main message as a model is that you can still be heavily tattooed and still be sexy, classy, and a business woman. 


Pearl Davies: You managed the Pinup Pageant at this years inaugural Nashville Boogie and had 11 finalists. What was the application process for this competition and what did you like most of all out of this event?
Sabina Kelley: The Nashville Boogie PinUp Pageant was a lot of fun, I can't wait for next years.  The application process was open to any PinUp model.  Then all the models were posted on Facebook and the 11 with the most votes moved into the pageant.  All the girls in the pageant were so cute and fun, it was a blast.  I was excited for a dope event to finally be in one of my favorite cities ever, Nashville.


Pearl Davies: A lot of women look up to you as inspiration. If you could get them all in one room (and lets face it, it would need to be football fields of rooms), what would you say to them?
Sabina Kelley: I would say follow your dreams and be yourself.  Don't ever try to be just like any famous model you look up to, because the world does not need another copy.  It needs an original.  

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