...or some cold hard cash!
Earn your Turn

Aside from booking and paying for a Pearl Davies Photography session and products there is no bigger honor then when you refer Pearl Davies Photography to your family and friends. 


I can't thank YOU enough for your support towards my small business and the Pearl Davies Referral Program is one way I hope to give back to my amazing clients, family, and friends! 

How it works: 

1.  Tell everyone you know about Pearl Davies Photography and remind them when they send an inquiry to mention that you sent them. By doing this they will get $100.00 of print credit towards their session print order.

2.  When your referral contacts Pearl Davies Photography, schedules, and successfully completes their session with payment, YOU get $100.00 in shoot credit or $50.00 Cash! That's it! How easy is that!

Wham bam thank you ma'am! 

Think about it this way, you can earn discounted or even FREE Photography Sessions or  COLD HARD CASH! 
For example:

  • 5 referrals equals $500.00 in shoot credit for you or $250.00 in cash for you! 

  • If you use your shoot credit on one session all you need to pay is $50 and your session is paid! 

  • 5 referrals equal $250.00 in cash! Like who doesn't like cashola! Go now, go buy yourself a pretty frock... 

Gimmie gimmie gimmie! You say..?

Here are the details:

  • There is NO limit to the amount of referral credit you can earn. We keep a record on your file on who you've referred and who has contacted us for a session. Bring on the discounted sessions and cold hard cash!

  • You can use referral credit towards any type of session. Vintage Pinup, Boudoir, Portrait, Personal Branding or Corporate Branding Sessions. 

  • Referral credit must be used within 1 year from the date of the credit.

  • Referral Credit cannot be used with any other running Pearl Davies Special Offer. One at a time guys and gals.

  • Referral credit is non-transferable from person to person. Just for you my friend.

  • Referral credit cannot be redeemed for monetary value or any services aside from sessions. You can either select cash or to bank as session credit.

  • Referral credit cannot be deducted from previous sessions or offered as a refund.

  • Referral credit will only be given once the client you referred has fully paid for and had their session. Important. Please note.

  • Multiple credits will not be given for the same referral. One referral credit will be given per one referred and paid for session.

  • To be eligible to receive a referral credit you must be a past client that has booked & paid for a session or have had a previous session with me.

  • The referral discount can only be used for future sessions and can only be used by you. It is not transferable.

  • Referral cash can be sent via direct deposit straight to your bank. 

  • Feel free to throw up selfies with your new pretty frock that you purchased with your referral cash.

Thank you so much for your support! I couldn't do this without you!! 

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Looking to see more of my work..?

Check out the sample client galleries provided here: https://www.pearldavies.com/client-showcase

I can’t wait to hear from you! Our time together is sure to be nothing less than the best!

Much Love & Gumption

Pearl Davies