Pre-Session Payment Plan

The Pearl Davies Pre-Session Payment Plan option is an amazing & interest free way to make payment for your Pearl Davies session and collection products and in a way that doesn’t break the bank. The cost of a photography session and gorgeous products may seem intimidating, so I am eliminating one of the biggest factors that holds some women back from enjoying this experience.


Unlike our payment plans, which is for paying off your product purchases AFTER your session, the Pre-Session Payment Plan is set up for paying for your session and products BEFORE  and leading upto your session, and it’s interest free so you can responsibly make payment towards your dream collection with Pearl Davies Photography. Can I hear an amen sister! YASSS!

With the Pre-Session payment plan you don't need to have booked your session date, it could be months down the track. All clients are offered a pre-session payment plan so you can start making payments off of your collection now so that when your session date arrives there's no worries about making payment at your image debut as you've been making payments over time.

After you select your collection, you can contribute minimum $50+ per month to your Pre-Session Payment Plan. You will sign a contract and we will take a method of payment and set up your automated payments towards your collection.

I recommend booking your session far enough in advance so that you have ample time to save for the collection and products you want (see step 2).

Choose the collection you plan on purchasing from our Print, Digital and A-La-Cart Collections. After your selection we can calculate your Pre-session Payment Plan. If you're not sure as to what collection you want it's all good girlfriend, just select your preferred payment amount and sequence (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and we can go from there. This gives you an open option to select your preferred collection at a later date. 

You will receive a contract to read through, understand and sign and I will take a means of payment, usually card details. We will then set up your automated weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Once this is complete we will start to chat about your session, your location, your set design and wardrobe - lots of fun to be had. If your session date isn't booked yet that's ok we can still plan, but if you're all booked in, you’ve decided on a collection, now it’s time to prep and get excited for your session! YAY! I will send you session prepping guides filled with handy tips on how to prepare for your shoot. It's whole lotta fun and you are going to love your legacy products at the end of this experience. 

Check out our Pre-Session Payment Plan Q&A for more details and reach out via with any questions you may have.

Pre-Session Payment Plan Q&A

What are the benefits of using the Pre-Session Payment Plan? 

Setting up your Pearl Davies Pre-Session Payment Plan allows you to have a low upfront cost, which makes it easily affordable for ANYONE! It also allows you to be able to afford the products and images you love the most, without feeling guilty because that money has already been “spent”. You could have a 150 image download waiting for you + some amazing products. Who wants the stress of having to pay for that at the time of your image debut and ordering session. Sure we have post session payment plans but note that no images or products are released until full payment is made, that's including post session payment plans. Afterpay, Payright and Paypal Credit that I offer however will allow you to get your products upfront as they pay us immediately which allows us to release your goodies. 


No financial stress, what could be better than that! Also, it's INTEREST FREE! I take away the anxiety of having to save! You know you want an amazing, empowering and beautiful experience, so the Pearl Davies Pre-Session Payment Plan helps make that happen!


Lastly, you will be able to have the session of your dreams without having to narrow down your images to fit into your budget the day of your image debut.

Who is eligible to use this option? 

Well that's easy - E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E! I offer the Pearl Davies Pre-Session Payment Plan to everyone. If you have a specific date you needed your products for then you're needing to have your session and give me at most 8 weeks to do your edits and orders (depending on your collection). We both produce stunning products here in house as well as having amazing vendors both in Australia and abroad. For albums, these can take upto 8 weeks for our amazing vendors to produce as many of them are beautifully hand made so we want them to take their time. This option is absolutely available to anyone who wishes to utilize it, as long as they understand those conditions. 

What if I need to cancel my Pre-session Payment Plan?

You can cancel at any time but we do encourage you to do your session, you deserve this so go get it girl!

How long can my pre-payment plan last? 
You have the option to have your Pre-session payment plan for either 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 months.

That gives you PLENTY of time to plan and prepare your mind to be right where you want it to be before your session.

How often do I need to pay..?
We have weekly, fortnightly or monthly options. It is whatever suits you and your budget. 

How much do I need to pay though..?
You know what this is totally upto you, however I do have a minimum monthly amount of $50.00.


Are payments refundable? 
Wham-bam sorry ma'am. I forecast for all of our sessions, our administration time, our legal obligations, insurances, rent, our cost of doing business and more. My business and studio overheads will still be there if you cancel or do a no-show to your session (to date this is yet to happen, please come to your session) and just like your time, our time is precious too. We also do this to encourage clients to follow through and not let nerves get the best of them before their sessions. The whole point of this is to push yourself and to get you out of your own way and in giving yourself the gift of beautiful imagery right? 


If you need to reschedule your session you'll always be able to use it as credit for any session or product order. Yasss girlfriend, yasssss! Let's do this!

Ready to start your Pre-session payment plan..? 


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