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Witco Globe Replica with Tim’s Custom Creations

This is how a wooden globe picture starts. I do them in 2 sizes - 4ft x 2ft and 3ft x 18". Each size has it's own set of templates - for the globe pieces and the painted globe. This picture is for the 4ft globe. I went through quite a lengthy process to get these - based on an actual one, and made using a word processing program on my laptop, enlarging on my printer and cutting out. Both sets ARE actually both to scale! These are then cut out using my trusty jigsaw - I tried a scroll saw but it was sooo SLOOOWWW!

Rough cutouts for a large 4ft globe and a smaller 3ft one

1st step is to go round the edges of ALL the pieces with 80grit paper on my detailing sander. This gets all the corners off the wood pieces and smoothes off any bits I didn't get with the jigsaw

I then use 220grit paper on my other new sander (I used to do ALL of this bit by hand with sandpaper - a bit of tendonitis in the old bones made me decide to upgrade!). This rounds off all the corners, edges and smoothes everything off ready for staining

About to use the stencil on the 3ft globe. First - draw round the outside for the shape of colour #1

Colour #1 done on the 4ft globe. Usually needs 2 coats, sometimes I might need to do a 3rd coat or just touch up any white spots if there are any

Make 2 frames - 1 4ft x 2ft, 1 3ft x 18". Mitered corners and screwed together and then lots of sanding!

The 4ft picture is having dark walnut stained wood

The 3ft picture is having english chestnut

About to be given coat 1 of clear exterior varnish

After coat 2 of varnish. The clear varnish helps protect the wood, the stain colour, and gives a nice smooth finish. It comes in satin, semi-gloss and gloss. I prefer semi-gloss which is what I'm using here

Back to the template! Here I'm about to use it to give the sections for the 2nd colour

Both globes get their second colour sections - I do sometimes wish there was a quicker easier way of doing this than freehand painting but I DO like the effect of the brush strokes. Customers have commented that they love the fact that they're handpainted so I guess I keep doing it!

Painted backboards are nailed onto the frames from behind and then I use 2 sawtooth hangers per picture as they're just too big to stay straight with one. I've considered other hanging methods but these are by far the easiest for both me and the customer

The result.... 1 3ft and 1 4ft witco style repro globes!

Tim of Tim's Custom Creations is based in Chino Hills California


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