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Save Your Pinup Pennies with Firefly Wealth!

Australia! Where it's already tomorrow, today!

One difference about Australia and the United States (where I currently am) is, well, money.

Although I haven't really looked up the curriculum of schools any time lately I really feel there needs to be more education on money.

Firefly Wealth is hosting a Project 52 Money Challange and it's working for me thus far, it's where you start at putting away $52.00 and each week it decreases by $1.

So far man I'm RICH! I'M RICH! I'M SO SO RICH standing at $202.00 in my little money jar thing here with Barmy (President Obama - he guards it for me so I don't take it and spend it, good on you Barmy!)

I'm pretty excited because I'm doing this in US dollars (sorry 'Straya). I want to do it in Australia too but thinking i'll have to wait until I visit there in March.

But how cool, I have money and you can too! They even have a little kiddies program too. Start 'em young I say, start 'em young.

Check out their site here: and remember their name.

Ps, do you like my 'Merican shrine I have going on during our #PDUSATour , I have a map on the wall there with little stickers of everywhere we've been. I also litterally need a map of the states in case I get my travel arrangements incorrect, all this 52 states stuff, it's way too much for my Australian mediocre minimal state mind.

It's Never Too Late To SAVE Moolah



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