Payment Options

When you book a session with Pearl Davies Photography you not only enjoy an experience that will help you reconnect with yourself but you also have the opportunity to invest in preserving the memories of that experience. Your images come to be part of your legacy and for just about everyone pricing and budget come into play when deciding on what and how to purchase. I know that making payments on an interest free plan is a great way to get what you want, which is why I offer some great options for you.


The following payment guide will walk you through the options available for purchasing your images and products including pre-purchasing your collection in full (which comes with a 5% discount when paid in cash and could qualify you for BONUS products), pre-session payment plans (which may qualify you for BONUS products too), paying in full at your image selection as well as post-session payment plans and arrangements.


A hard note for you that our pre-session payment plans are taken out 90% of the time by my clients, and when you pre-pay your session and collection in full or take out our pre-session payment plan you may qualify for BONUS products of your choice up to the value of $800. Can I hear an amen over here, yeeeew!

Payment Methods
I accept: Cash, eftpos, credit card and bank deposit transfers. Unfortunately I cannot except cheques.

Pre-pay Session + Collection in full
If you choose to pay for your session fee and your selected collection upfront and in cash, you will receive a 5% cash discount from our Grace Kelly Collection upwards. I also take eftpos, credit card or bank deposit transfers. You will receive a Pearl Davies invoice and then badda-bing-badda-bang, you are good to go. Not only this, depending on your pre-purchase, as a little treat for paying upfront you may be entitled to BONUS PRODUCTS of your choice when paying your session and collection in advance and in-full.

Full Payment at time of image debut / ordering session

Once you've had your photography session and made your image and collection selection after your session you can make payment in full by cash, eftpos, credit card or bank deposit. You will receive a Pearl Davies invoice and payment can be made via any of the 4 methods above (cash, eftpos, credit card or direct bank transfer).

Payment Plans

One of the added services I am so stoked to offer my clients are affordable payment plans and variable payment options. I understand your photography session is going to be a worthwhile investment, and you're worth it, believe you me. I'm so happy to be able to offer you a custom payment plan that best suits your budget. 

All of our 5 payment plan options are INTEREST FREE periods so any of the following options are a great choice.


2. Afterpay

3. Payright

4. Paypal Credit


Pre-Session Payment Plans + BONUS Products (MOST POPULAR)
Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day you enquire into your session and can extend until 14 days prior to your session. I also offer you bonus products valued at up to $800 if you pre-purchase a collection. Basically, how it works, is you either select a collection and we divide that session fee + collection amount by however many months/fortnights or weeks until your session date to work out your payment schedule or you just select a weekly/fortnightly or monthly contribution amount and we set up your automated payment plan from there so that you can choose your collection at a later date - you don't need to know now what collection you want.
For example: If there are 12 weeks before your session date, you could choose to have your payment plan automatically drafted each week, fortnight or month for a set dollar amount so that when your session date arrives, your order is paid in full. On the other hand, if we're not yet sure on when you want your shoot we can still start a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan so that when we do lock in your date you don't have the stress of needing to make payment then and there for your images and products.

In the event that you do not wish to set up a pre-session payment plan or pre-purchase a collection, you will simply do your image reveal & ordering appointment following your session and pay in full for your purchase or discuss other payment options such as our post session payment plan, Afterpay or Payright.

1. Pre-session Payment Plan

This option is perfect for clients who are interested in having their session later in the year, but want to start paying on it now.

A Pre-Session Payment Plan works for you. First up, we work up an order for you, including a number of images, collection(s) and any add-ons you'd like, such as a gorgeous album or retro revival 3D show reel. We will then talk about your budget and customize the perfect plan. The payments can be as low as $50.00 a month and plans can be up to 18 months long. Your payments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and are automatically deducted from your account each month. 

When you take out the Pearl Davies pre-session payment plan, you don't have to schedule your session right away. Your session can be months down the road, in the middle of the plan, or toward the end, so you are on your way to be paid in full when your session is done and edited. This helps in leaving out any stress of needing to make payments on your collection after your shoot session and just gives you time to be excited for your images and products.

After your session, you can always purchase additional images, add on a gorgeous album, our mobile app or a gorgeous video that includes all of your final images from your session. 

The session retainer of $399 (or $349 without hair and makeup) does not apply when you choose the Pre-Session Payment Plan.

Complete your Pre-session payment plan form and lets do this!


2. Afterpay |Shop Now, Pay Later | Australian Residents Only

Afterpay is a great way to have your cake and eat it too, and man do we love cake! Afterpay is a quick and easy way for you to pay for services under $1,000. If payment via Afterpay is made we can have your gorgeous print and product orders to you in no time. To check out Afterpay check it out here.



3. Payright | Book Now, Pay Later

Payright is yet another way you can have your Pearl Davies Prints and Products now while you pay later. 

PayRight is an Australian based payment plan provider who offer interest-free payment plans, made simple. 

By using PayRight, you'll have the ability to 'Book Now, Pay Later' over up to 12 months with all photographic sessions. You choose your term, your deposit and your repayment frequency.

Application is quick and easy, and is done online from your smart phone in minutes. You'll receive a same day response if your application has been approved. 

Payright allows for purchases up to $20,000 and entails an application process. For full terms and conditions click here.



4. Paypal Credit | For clients residing where Paypal Credit is Accepted
If you're interested in a payment plan to pay off your Pearl Davies Session and products, first you need to apply for Paypal Credit. They offer no interest/no payments for 6 months, and you get to pick up your products in about 4 weeks! Are you ready to invest in yourself? See if you qualify only take a few seconds!

5. Pearl Davies In-house Automated Payment Plan | Accepted Worldwide 

This is our (2nd) most popular payment plan. This option is perfect when you want to have your session now but need to break up your order into payments. Once your session is complete and you have selected your collection you do have the option to take out a Pearl Davies in-house payment plan. There is a minimum of 20% deposit on the day of your image selection so the more you put down, the less your monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments will be. I offer payment plans starting at $50.00 a month (also available in fortnightly and weekly payments). This is an automatic payment system, which requires a primary and backup credit/debit card to be kept on file, you will then sign a contract, and payments will automatically be charged on a recurring schedule that best suits you. PLEASE NOTE: Products are only ordered once your payment plan is paid in full. We customize each payment plan to the client. Your in-house payment plan can go for 3, 6, 12 or 18 months. 

If you are planning to book a session to create a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion and are interested in doing a payment plan, it is best to plan it out. Think about when you need to have your order back, what your budget is and when you want to have your session. When an order is needed back by a specific date, we like to have you schedule at least eight weeks in advance. 

Reach out to schedule your consultation or we can chat over email. We'll talk about all of your payment plan options and start planning your dream shoot! You can contact us anytime via email: 

Learn more about out Pearl Davies Payment Plan here


Do you know about our exclusive Pearl Davies Exclusive Facebook Group? It's a private, women-only group full of past, present and future Pearl Davies Clients. It has grown into an amazing community of women that we are very proud of. Everyone is so supportive of one another and so helpful. The group is a great place to ask questions that you are not comfortable asking on the public page and talk directly with us and past clients.  As a member, you will see sneak peeks of sessions that are in the editing room, be the first to know about what is going on in the studios, get exclusive member-only specials and take part in fun contests. It is a great place to share inspiration for sessions, ask past clients about their experiences, and talk about planning your session. 


We look forward to talking to you and having you in the studio!

Much Love & Gumption

Pearl Davies



Can I get a payment plan after the image reveal and ordering appointment?
Sure can! There is a minimum of 20% deposit on the day of your image debut session. The more you put down, the less your monthly payments will be. I offer payment plans starting at $50.00 a month (also available in weekly and fortnightly payments). This is an automatic payment system, which requires a primary and backup credit/debit card to be kept on file, with a signed contract, and payments are automatically charged on a recurring schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Products are only ordered once your payment plan is paid in full.

What is a Pre-Session Payment Plan? 
Basically, how it works, is we either select a Collection or work within your budget and create a payment plan from that monetary amount. If there are 12 weeks before your session, for instance, you could choose to have your payment plan be automatically drafted each week, fortnight or month for a set amount so that when your session date arrives, your order is paid in full. Bada bing bada boom!

An easier way to calculate this is:
Cost of session + collection amount

/ divide by months, fortnights or weeks until your session

= Your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment amount. 


What about just normal post session payment plans?

Post Session Payment Plans are not refundable if you cancel your order or if you choose to spend less than the amount you financed.

What methods of payments do you accept? 

I accept cash, credit/debit and band deposit. Unfortunately we do NOT accept cheques but we do offer payment plans.

There is no option to have an online gallery or a second ordering appointment. Non Purchased images are needing to be deleted after your ordering appointment due to the high volume of space that is needed to keep them.

Can I make additional purchases at a later date? 
Unfortunately not. As discussed in the session guide, I do not archive your images after your ordering appointment. Due to the abundance of space needed to hold onto high resolution imagery I just can't hold onto these images, therefore, you will not be able to return and order additional images. However, if you purchase the Digital Collection with the high-resolution files, you can send them to us for printing or you may print them through a third-party and have them forever.

What happens to the images I do not purchase? 
We're in need of deleting them after your image reveal and ordering appointment. Due to the high level of space raw high resolution images take up we aren't able to archive the images. 

All sales are final. Once your image reveal and ordering appointment are complete (this is if you hadn't pre-purchased a collection), we will have you sign a final sale agreement, which states that we cannot allow for changes to your order. This is studio policy for all clients and no exceptions can be made. You may not change, alter, add, reduce, or request any other types of changes after the ordering appointment as your images are printed and orders are placed for your goodies. You will love your goodies though.

Pre-Pay Bonus Products

So you've chosen to pre-purchase a collection or go on a Pre-Purchase Payment Plan - YAY!
If your pre-purchase is higher than $1,800 I include your choice of added bonus products as a complimentary add on to your products at no additional cost.


To pre-purchase you may choose to pay in full or take advantage of my pre-session payment plan. Pre-purchases must be completed no less than 14 days prior to session to be eligible for the Bonuses.

Pre-Purchase $1800 – choose 1

Pre-Purchase $2800 – choose 2

Pre-Purchase $3600 – choose 3

Pre-Purchase $4800 – choose 4
Pre-Purchase $5000+ - choose 5

 *May not choose multiples of the same bonus*


  1. 1 x A3 Fine Art Matted Print of your favorite image

  2. 3 Complimentary Headshots (great for LinkedIn, profile images, mum)

  3. Complimentary Session for you within 12 months + $200 credit towards a-la-cart or collection

  4. Deck of Poker Cards

  5. 12 month calendar

  6. Complimentary Shower Set (coming soon)

  7. Complimentary wing set (coming soon)

  8. 3 x Polaroid Images

1. Clawfoot Bath
2. Sheet Set

3. Purple Ruffle Gown 
4. White D'Lish Gown

5. Pink D'Lish Gown

6. Maroon D'Lish Gown

7. 5 x Not your average headshots

8. Lunch/Dinner at The Exchange ($50.00)
9. Massage at Endota Spa ($100.00 value)

10. Retro Wardrobe $50.00 Gift Certificate

11. Complimentary Session within 12 months

12. Retro Revival Viewer (7 images)

13. 1 Night Accommodation at Atomic Hideaway (not available on public holidays)

14. Custom mobile app with purchased images

15. 1 x Cheesecake Pinup Set

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