Payment Options

When you book a session with Pearl Davies Photography you not only enjoy an experience that will help you reconnect with yourself but you also have the opportunity to invest in preserving the memories of that experience. Your images come to be part of your legacy and for just about everyone pricing and budget come into play when deciding on what and how to purchase. I know that making payments on an interest free plan is a great way to get what you want, which is why I offer some great options for you.


The following payment guide will walk you through the options available for purchasing your images and products including pre-purchasing your collection in full (which comes with a 5% discount when paid in cash and could qualify you for BONUS products), pre-session payment plans (which may qualify you for BONUS products too), paying in full at your image selection as well as post-session payment plans and arrangements.


A hard note for you that our pre-session payment plans are taken out 90% of the time by my clients, and when you pre-pay your session and collection in full or take out our pre-session payment plan you may qualify for BONUS products of your choice up to the value of $800. Can I hear an amen over here, yeeeew!

Payment Methods
I accept: Cash, eftpos, credit card and bank deposit transfers. Unfortunately I cannot except cheques.

Pre-pay Session + Collection in full
If you choose to pay for your session fee and your selected collection upfront and in cash, you will receive a 5% cash discount from our Grace Kelly Collection upwards. I also take eftpos, credit card or bank deposit transfers. You will receive a Pearl Davies invoice and then badda-bing-badda-bang, you are good to go. Not only this, depending on your pre-purchase, as a little treat for paying upfront you may be entitled to BONUS PRODUCTS of your choice when paying your session and collection in advance and in-full.

Full Payment at time of image debut / ordering session

Once you've had your photography session and made your image and collection selection after your session you can make payment in full by cash, eftpos, credit card or bank deposit. You will receive a Pearl Davies invoice and payment can be made via any of the 4 methods above (cash, eftpos, credit card or direct bank transfer).

Payment Plans

One of the added services I am so stoked to offer my clients are affordable payment plans and variable payment options. I understand your photography session is going to be a worthwhile investment, and you're worth it, believe you me. I'm so happy to be able to offer you a custom payment plan that best suits your budget. 

All of our 5 payment plan options are INTEREST FREE periods so any of the following options are a great choice.


2. Afterpay

3. Payright

4. Paypal Credit


Pre-Session Payment Plans + BONUS Products (MOST POPULAR)
Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day you enquire into your session and can extend until 14 days prior to your session. I also offer you bonus products valued at up to $800 if you pre-purchase a collection. Basically, how it works, is you either select a collection and we divide that session fee + collection amount by however many months/fortnights or weeks until your session date to work out your payment schedule or you just select a weekly/fortnightly or monthly contribution amount and we set up your automated payment plan from there so that you can choose your collection at a later date - you don't need to know now what collection you want.
For example: If there are 12 weeks before your session date, you could choose to have your payment plan automatically drafted each week, fortnight or month for a set dollar amount so that when your session date arrives, your order is paid in full. On the other hand, if we're not yet sure on when you want your shoot we can still start a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan so that when we do lock in your date you don't have the stress of needing to make payment then and there for your images and products.

In the event that you do not wish to set up a pre-session payment plan or pre-purchase a collection, you will simply do your image reveal & ordering appointment following your session and pay in full for your purchase or discuss other payment options such as our post session payment plan, Afterpay or Payright.