Miss Nashville Boogie 2015

Miss Britty Leigh of Nashville, Tennessee USA


Photography credits:
- Kissy Face Photography
- Miss Neely Photography
- Sandra Louise Photography

As a Nashville local and after patrons flocked nation wide and from across the waters to attend, Miss Britty Leigh, winner of this years first ever Miss Nashville Boogie spreads light and much love on how it felt to win her very first pageant, how the bliss of her fellow contestants made her feel comfortable in the skin she's in as well as the excitement of her winning photo session with international photographer sensation Shannon Brooke.


PD: What is your Pinup Name 

BL: Britty Leigh


PD: What do you do for work? 

BL: I am the Director of Customer Relations for a financial company. I also perform as a variety of princesses at birthday parties and other events. 


PD: As a Nashville local how did it feel winning a Pageant so many people traveled world wide to take part in? 

BL: It really made the moment that much more special for me (if that's even possible!). It's still amazing to me that so many people flock to our little city, too. I'm so happy that the Nashville Boogie is helping do that!


PD: You said you have taken part in a few contests without being placed. How many have you taken part in and where were they located?

BL: I believe that I have participated in three prior to the Boogie. Two were in Nashville and one was in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 


PD: There were 10 finalists (I actually counted 11 on the day, the more bliss the better), for the Nashville Boogie Pinup pageant, what did you need to do to take part and become a finalist? 

BL: In order to register for the contest, we had to purchase our ticket to the Boogie, fill out a questionnaire, and submit a photo. The first round of the competition was a Facebook "like" contest that began at the beginning of March. The top 10 ladies with the most likes on their submitted photo by April 1st moved on to the next round. Due to a little miscommunication, 11 ladies were allowed to take the stage. 


PD: Your outfit choices were amazing. What were you trying to represent and where did you get them from, or did you make them yourself?

BL:Thank you so much! I really enjoy making felt skirts with a little extra character, so I decided to make one with square dancers reminiscent of the dancers on the (Nashville) Boogie flyers. It took several hours, but it turned out just like I had envisioned it (how often does that happen?!).  The top was a vintage square dancing shirt from Rusted Rags & Relics. The bathing suit I actually won from Unique Vintage through Instagram or Facebook. The hat that helped complete the look was from the 1950s and I snagged it on eBay. I'm pretty sure it was meant for a child, but I somehow managed to keep it on my noggin. 


PD: As part of the pageant, each finalist were required to do a swimsuit change of costume. Were you comfortable with this and how do you feel costume changes fit in with a pageant contest? 

BL: At first, I was a nervous about having to be in a bathing suit in front of a big crowd of people. I think that the other ladies and I bonded on the nerves from this and it made it a lot easier. I also think that the costume changes helped show a little more of our personalities more than our bodies. Everyone seemed to dress according to their style and taste, which I really enjoyed.  


Luckily,  I checked my suit the night before and noticed the back wasn't all that secure, so I had to make sure the back was pinned before running out so that there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. Ha!


PD: How did you feel about the contestant questions being asked throughout the competition? What question(s) were you asked and did you think they were relevant to the competition? 

BL: I think that King Dado does a great job pulling out real answers from the contestants. He's able to get past the phony responses and let personalities shine.  I was asked something along the lines of what pinup meant to me. I wasn't able to hear much of what the other ladies were asked, but from speaking with them after, they all seemed to be related to the pinup community. 


PD: Pageants and competitions are well known and popular for peer bonding and making industry contacts and friends. Did you meet some good people and if so, who stood out to you? 

BL: I did! Every single one of the ladies that competed were so incredible. We even have a private group on Facebook so that everyone can keep in touch. There was a lot of friendliness and support throughout the moments leading up to the pageant and it certainly followed afterwards. 


PD: A wonderful prize of the competition was winning a photo shoot with the wonderful Shannon Brooke. How excited were you and how did the shoot go?
BL: The shoot happened almost immediately after the pageant concluded. I was a mixture of nervous and excited because Shannon Brooke has worked with so many models that I admire and her work is phenomenal. Once we started shooting, all of my nerves vanished because she is an absolute doll, not to mention ridiculously talented. We've been in communication since the shoot and she continues to extend her kindness towards me. 



PD: As a successful pinup model and someone we all look up to - what message(s) do you have for the world?

BL:Oh my goodness! That's incredibly kind to say. Thank you. Two of my favorite quotes that help some up the present messages floating in my head are:


"Have courage and be kind" 
- Cinderella, 2015 



"A day without laughter is a day wasted..." - Charlie Chaplin


Also, I think it's really important to love yourself and treat yourself kindly. Life is short and you mustn't waste it by trying to fit into a mold that someone else has carved out. 

Miss Britty Leigh can be found on her Official Britty Leigh Facebook Page.




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