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Client Expectations

1. My shoot days are Tue, Fri, Sat and Sun and we usually start at 10am or 12:30pm.  If we start at 10 we are done no later than 1:30 and if we start at 12:30 we will be done no later than 4.

2. Hair & Makeup standardly takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  Your makeup will be a lot heavier in person than it will be in the photographs.  You may be shocked when you look in the mirror.  Just trust me that this is a common reaction and upon seeing their images all the women see the difference between the makeup in real life as opposed to in an image.

3. You will be naked in my studio.  For me, it is important that you just experience being naked in a non-judgmental positive space.  For the shoot itself, you can cover up as much or as little as you want, I just need you to EXIST nudie.

4. During your reveal we will show you 45-55 images in a slideshow and gallery format.

5. Pricing (I just cover my collections and a la carte menu in detail)

6. To book your session I require the session fee to be paid and full.  Then, on the day of your reveal, that will be when you pay for the collection of your choice.  On your reveal day you will have 2 options for payment: in full or a payment plan.  If you choose to pay in full you will receive your digital files on a custom usb and we will send your album proofs off.  If you opt for the payment plan, you put down 20% of the total cost and you have up to 3 months to pay off the rest.  Any images not paid for in either of these formats, will be deleted 24 hours after your reveal.  Albums take about 2-3 weeks to come in AFTER you approve the album proof.

7. For your first shoot, I recommend more minimalist styles for your wardrobe because it is more about you than the outfits.  I don’t shoot corsets because they limit posing and I don’t shoot jerseys because they are no flattering on women.  If you really want to do a sports theme, I recommend a very tight fitting tee.  I also am no a huge jewelery or shoe person, mostly because I want you to be the center of attention and the eye is usually drawn to the brightest thing in a photo.


8. (for clients that come in with heavy body image issues) While I would love to say that this session is going to change the way you see yourself, I need to prepare you for the fact that it might not.  A boudoir session is great to help women on their journey to achieving self love, but to expect me to undo 25+ years of negative self talk in one day is very fair to me.  What I CAN promise you, is that I will take good care of you and do what I do best, but I will also be there for you to talk to me about your true feelings about seeing yourself so I can help you through it.  If you go into this already hating your photos, then I have already lost.


1. {PRE-SLIDESHOW} Before we watch your slideshow, I am going to go over a few things. 


First, when you look at the images look at them as if you are looking at someone else because the shit you say to yourself you would never say to another woman.  Secondly, as women we have trained ourselves to hyper focus on the tiniest parts of ourselves, whether that be a part of our face or our body.  So whenever we see ANY photo of ourselves, our eye automatically goes to that part….you ARE going to do that with these photos.  But what happens when we hyperfocus on a tiny part?  Well, we end up missing the big picture and how bangin’ you look.  Again, you would never do that to your friends images.  Lastly, you will react however you react and that is okay.  Sometimes we think we are going to cry and scream and fall in love with ourselves, which if that happens, AWESOME, but if not, it doesn’t mean the photos are bad or you look bad in the photos, it could simply mean you need more time to process what you are looking at, which is why we go through them on the computer.


2. {PRE-GALLERY} Now, for the first round of selections I want you say yes or next to narrow them down. BUT, you may say yes to a lot of images and you will probably feel you need to say more often...this is because this RARELY happens to us.  ENJOY IT!! Say yes as many times as you want!! <3  Secondly, you will want to stop yourself because as you say yes to a lot, your mind may drift to how much money it’s going to cost you...well, we have 2-3 more rounds after this initial round to worry about budget...this one is simply just to start looking at your absolute YESES!

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