Boudie Bank

The Boudie Bank is an amazing & Interest Free way to save for your Boudoir Session and Products in a way that doesn’t break the bank all at once! The cost of a luxury experience with Pearl Davies Boudoir Photography can be intimidating, so I am eliminating one of the biggest factors that holds some women back from enjoying this experience.


Unlike payment plans, which is for paying off product purchases AFTER your session, the Boudie Bank is set up for saving money towards products BEFORE your session, and it’s INTEREST FREE! So you can responsibly save money to put towards your dream collection with Pearl Davies Boudoir. Can I hear an amen sister! YASSS!

When you book your session you will have the option to add to your Boudie Bank, so you can start saving right away.

After your session is booked, you can contribute $100 to $500 per month to your Boudie Bank. You will sign a contract and you will make automated payments into your very own Boudie Bank.

I recommend booking your session far enough in advance so that you have ample time to save for the collection and products you want (see step 2).

Choose the collection you plan on purchasing from my Pricing Guide, and gear your boudie bank savings towards that amount.

You are already booked, you’ve decided on a collection, now it’s time to save!

That’s it! Simple, right?!

Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of using the Boudie Bank Savings Plan? 

Setting up the Boudie Bank Savings Plan allows you to have a low upfront cost, which makes it easily affordable for ANYONE! It also allows you to be able to afford the products you love the most, without feeling guilty because that money has already been “spent”. No financial stress, what could be better than that! Also, INTEREST FREE! I take away the anxiety of having to save! You know you want an amazing, empowering experience, so the boudie bank helps make that happen! Lastly, you will be able to have the session of your dreams without having to narrow down your images to fit into your budget the day of your reveal!

Who is able to use this option? 

I suggest the Boudie Bank Savings Plan to clients who are doing photos for themselves and not as a gift for a specific event or date, as your session won’t be scheduled until your payments are complete. Dates are subject to availability. This option is absolutely available to anyone who wishes to utilize it, as long as they understand those conditions! 

What if I need to cancel my Boudie Bank Account?

You can cancel at any time but we do encourage you to do your session, you deserve this so go get it girl!

How long can my payment plan last? 
You can make payments for up to 12 months! That gives PLENTY of time to plan and prepare your mind and body to be right where you want it to be before your session!


Are payments refundable? 
Once payments have been made, they are nonrefundable. We do this to encourage clients to follow through and not let nerves get the best of them before their sessions! The whole point of this is to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone, isn’t it? You'll always be able to use it as credit for any session or product order. Yas girlfriend, yasssss! 

Ready to start your Boudie Bank..?