B L A C K   F R I Y A Y   S A L E

You are what you've been waiting for...

Now love the skin you're in!

Every woman of every shape, age, every colour and every size possesses the timeless power of a one-of-a-kind sensuality and beauty. 

For most of our lives we have allowed society, we've allowed friends, family, partners, even the media to dictate how we feel about our own bodies. We’ve shamed ourselves for gaining weight, for losing weight, for having bewbies that are too big or too small, for having acne, stretch marks (that I love to call our 'beauty marks'), wrinkles, beer bellies… you know, all the fun stuff! Just because we grow older, we have children, families, spouses and careers does not mean that our feminine side and the want to treat ourselves disappears. We continuously talk ourselves down and all this instead of embracing who we are NOW and loving the skin we are in TODAY. It’s safe to say that the act of love heals more than the act of hate, and that has never resonated more then when it’s within our own bodies.

So hey there my name is Mel *waves*, I'm also known as Pearl Davies (and I am so so sorry if we've chatted and been connected for years and you're just finding this out now), and I’m here to get real, to be real and to empower you to love yourself just that little bit more, whether that's taking the leap of faith into your own self love for the first time ever OR in walking with you as you continue on with your self appreciative journey.


Let's take a stroll shall we, let's chat and let's make a fun and memorable contribution to your legacy. 

My Black FriYAY Sale is my biggest sale of the year and you will never see a sale like this ever again. From 2021 we will be moving into our shiny newly built Photography Studio / Retro Revival Bed and Breakfast (it's right behind our house y'all, what a co-inky-dink, a coincidence!) right in the heart of Newcastle Australia, a beach side paradise. What this also means is that my overheads will be increasing and so will your session fees (but hey it will be still be totally worth it!). In saying this, our Black FriYAY Sale this year includes a BONUS session in our new space, so that's 2 sessions for just $249.00! Our collections for this Black FriYAY Sale are 40% off and these prints and products do not disappoint.


I've been so inspired over the years in giving the gift of legacy that I continue to reinvest in my small business. In doing this, for the past 12 months I have been stoked as to be able to professionally photograph, edit and white glove print, mat and frame your gorgeous images right here at Pearl Davies HQ. I also partner with professional labs and vendors for albums and products, why dang some even come from the United States! I started my small business in 2008 and have grown so much, and so many of my clients have grown with me too, and I just love that!

So you guys are the first to see what's going on with our new Photography Studio / Retro Bed and Breakfast build - check out our floor plans here:

After more than 16 months back and forth with 3 different builders, let's see that in real time shall we...
*iphone photos rule right!

It's all happening and I can't wait for you to be part of it. There's still the upper level to be added too so it's going to be quite tall - how exciting right! Until then, my Black FriYAY special will keep you busy, including your BONUS session in our new studio, coming 2021. It's so exciting! Did you know you guys are the very first to see this start and progress on our new studio? Pretty cool hey.

Moving forward, let's check out our Black FriYAY Sale and it's inclusions:

Hair and Makeup Styling + Lashes (optional)
Pre-session Questionnaire

Session Prep guide
2 hour Photography Session

2-4 Wardrobe Changes

Pose Coaching

BONUS Shoot Session for yourself within the next 12 months of your Black FriYAY Shoot Session
Image reveal and ordering appointment

Option to do an interest free pre-session payment plan (and get your bonus' girlfriend!)

40% OFF Print and Product Collection

A HUGE confidence boost and legacy items for you to cherish forever.

ONLY $249.00

Not valid with any other offer

Legacy Print

Pre-Session Payment Plans + BONUS Products 

Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day you pay your $249 session fee and can extend until 14 days prior to your session. I also offer you bonus products valued at up to $800 if you pre-purchase a collection.


Basically, how it works, is you select a collection and we divide that collection amount by however many months/fortnights or weeks you have leading upto your session date. This works out your payment schedule. You could also just select a weekly/fortnightly or monthly contribution amount and we'll set up your automated payment plan from there so that you can choose your collection at a later date - you don't need to know now what collection you want and you can always upgrade on the day of your image reveal and ordering appointment.


As an example: If there are 4 months before your session date (16 weeks), you could choose to have your payment plan automatically drafted each month, each fortnight or each week for a set dollar amount so that when your session date arrives, your order is paid for in full and there's no anxiety of needing to pay on the day of your image reveal and ordering appointment.


In the event that you do not wish to set up a pre-session payment plan or pre-purchase a collection, you will simply do your image reveal & ordering appointment 2-3 weeks following your session date and pay in full for your collection. We could discuss post session payment plans but their is a downside. The downside is that I need to hang onto prints, digitals and products until full payment is made, and who wants to wait right?


Pre-Pay Bonus Products

So you've chosen to Pre-purchase a collection or go on a Pre-purchase Payment Plan - YAY!

Dependent on your pre-purchase collection, I include your choice of added bonus products as a complimentary add on to your collection and at no additional cost.

To pre-purchase you may choose to pay in full or take advantage of my pre-session payment plan. Pre-purchases must be completed no less than 14 days prior to session to be eligible for the bonuses.

Pre-Purchase $1800 – choose 1 bonus product

Pre-Purchase $2500 – choose 2 bonus products

Pre-Purchase $3500 – choose 3 bonus products

Pre-Purchase $6000+ – choose 4 bonus products

 *Cannot choose multiples of the same bonus product*


  1. 1 x A3 Fine Art Matted Print of your favorite image

  2. 3 Complimentary Headshots (great for LinkedIn, profile images, mum)

  3. Complimentary Session for you within 12 months + $200 credit towards a-la-cart or collection

  4. Deck of Playing Cards adorning your image

  5. 12 month calendar

  6. Complimentary Shower Set (coming soon)

  7. Complimentary wing set (coming soon)

  8. 3 x Polaroid Images

Sounds good doesn't it! Did you know, if you play your cards right you could get 4 shoots out of this, 4! Purchasing the Black FriYAY Special already get's you 2 sessions. If you purchase the Jane Fonda Collection that also includes another session (3) AND if you go on a pre-session payment plan and opt for the session bonus that is 4 sessions for yourself in total - 4! Holy potato!

So, how do you get started you say...


9er Print

1. Purchase your Session
Hit me up, girlfriend! You need to make the first move. Once you purchase your session I'll reach out to you to discuss your shoot date, it will need to be between December 1 2020 and June 31 2021 but booked by April 1 2020. We'll talk about your faved collection and any pre-session payment plan bonus' that we'll need to add to your session.

I’ll send you over a contract for you to sign and all the insider details you’re just dying to know, a pre-session questionnaire to get to know you a little more and the need to know pre-session guide that wilI make it super easy for you to prepare for your photoshoot.

I'll send you some other goodies leading upto your session date aswell to help a sister out so you’re not feeling lost.

2. Shoot

It's shoot day - yew! You'll arrive super pumped and prepared. If you opted in for hair and makeup styling my hair & makeup artist will be ready for you to turn you into a superstar. Then we'll begin shooting. I'll be giving (and even demonstrating at times) all the direction on posing so no need to be nervous, I got your back sis! You have the option to shoot on location, in our Retro Revival Rooms or do an in-house session which is a session in your own house - I'll come to you if you're located around Newcastle/Port Stephens/The Hunter Valley areas.

I have over 225 directed poses we'll go through, you can literally pick out your faves that we can do, we'll also go with the flow and take some in between pose shots too (they are just the best!).


After your session is wrapped you will want to head out for dinner or a night out on the town, you'll force anyone to meet up with you because you'll be lookin' fly as girlfriend!


3. Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment

Depending on where you're located and on covid19 restrictions you'll either come back within 2-3 weeks of your sesh, we'll meet up at a cafe or we'll do an online reveal, image selection and ordering appointment.


Here is where we go through all of your edited images and where you select the ones you love most (if not all of them) and in what form you want them displayed depending on your pre-session payment plan chosen collection.


You'll select what images are printed, matted and framed, what images are to go in your retro revival 3D peep show reel, in your album and more!


Depending on your chosen collection pickup of your order will be between 1-6 weeks (albums may take longer). In the meantime, if you included digital images in your selection you can walk away with those.


This is so exciting and I can't wait for you to spoil yourself! Purchase your $249 session today!


The Jane Fonda
Full colour high resolution download of ALL OF YOUR EDITS (150+)
Full monochrome (black and white) high resolution download of ALL OF YOUR EDITS (150+)
Complimentary session for yourself within 12 months + $200 credit towards collection / a-la-cart
See yourself in 3D: Retro Revival 3D show reel and custom reel with 7 of your favorite images
1 x deluxe portrait album with 10 spreads (20 pages)
30 x A4 matted prints of your choice (good for A3 frames)

1 x matted 9er print A2 in A1 frame

1 x A2 matted legacy print in A1 frame

2 x A3 matted prints in A2 frames
3 x A4 matted prints in A3 frames
Value: $7,769 Your price: $6,500


The Eleanor Roosevelt 

20 x A4 matted prints of your choice

1 x deluxe album with 10 spreads (20 pages)

See yourself in 3D: Retro Revival 3D peep show reel with 7 of your favorite images in 3D
2 x A4 matted images in A3 frames 

20 x companion set of colour low resolution watermarked images for social media display
20 x companion set of monochrome (B&W) low resolution watermarked images for social media display

Value: $3,980 Your price: $2,500 


The Grace Kelly

15 x A4 matted prints of your choice

15 x companion set of low resolution watermarked images for social media display.

15 x companion set of low resolution watermarked images in monochrome style (B&W) for social media display

Value: $2,985 Your price: $1,800 


And that's what she said!

Client Reviews

"Pearl is incredible! I was so nervous before doing my shoot - she made me feel super comfortable and helped me make an amazing set of photos as a gift for my partner. Excellent communication, so professional and so much fun. Would 100% recommend!!"
- Lily

I LOVE MY PRINTS! They are nice and big and amazing! I ordered A3 prints that come in A2 frames. Pearl does her own white glove professional printing service which makes it all the more worth while. She hand matted and framed my prints and for someone that doesn’t like looking at herself all that much I just can’t stop staring at my prints ♥️.

Pearl is amazing, funny, down to earth, kind and extremely personable. I did a pre-session payment plan which was so easy. By the time my shoot date came around I had paid off my session and collection and I actually upgraded and bought more at my session 😂. I now have a full resolution download of 389 images as well as gorgeous matted and framed prints I’ve hung in my home. I received bonus products for pre-paying so I also have 3D images of myself as well as having my next session fee waived and $200 to spend on a collection! It’s so cool.

For anyone thinking this isn’t for you it is. Every woman needs their own photography session at least once in their lives. I highly recommend AAA+++. Thanks Pearl you are amazing. You made me feel at home and I can’t wait to shoot in your new retro themed studio.

- Vanessa

"An absolute dream to work with! The photos are always of an incredible quality and her packages are incredible value! She provides such an amazing environment to shoot in and makes you feel at home. If you have never done a shoot before, I can highly recommend her as she will make you feel so comfortable and at home. Mel will always go above and beyond. Whether you have known her 5 seconds or 5 years, she will provide an incredible experience. I always walk away from a shoot feeling incredible.

I cannot thank Mel enough for helping us create special memories and helping me make ideas and dreams come to life ❤ so much love and support for her and her business. You won't find a better person to shoot with..."

- Imi

"I have admired Pearl’s work for years, so I knew shooting with her was a must on a trip to NSW. We made the most of our time together by shooting in not one, but THREE of her retro rooms. Each room had a totally different look. I’m blown away with the variety of shots she captured. On top of that, she made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I had so much fun and will definitely be back for another session!"
- Amy

"Pearl is the epitome of perfection.. My experience with Pearl, was phenomenal, from the shoot, right up to the collection of my amazing images.. The whole package was something I will never forget and I simply cannot wait to shoot with Pearl again.. She made me feel and look like a goddess.."
- Carmen

"Pearl changed my life and my perspective on myself and to love all the personas that make me who I am and loving all of me..very good eye in spotting location to enhance the look/photo's I wanted capturing genuine smiles which became my favourite picks of the bunch😁 she captured some now lost loved furrbabies also which I will cherish forever.thankyou pearl.beautiful woman..."

- Sharon