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You are what you've been waiting for, and you are perfect RIGHT NOW!

Every woman of every age, size, shape and color possesses the timeless power of one-of-a-kind sensuality and beauty. Pearl Davies is based out of Newcastle New South Wales Australia.

For most of our lives we have allowed society, friends, family and partners to dictate how we feel about our bodies. We’ve shamed ourselves for gaining weight, for losing weight, for having bewbies that are too big or too small, stretch marks (that I like to call beauty marks), wrinkles, beer bellies… all the fun stuff! Just because we grow older, we have children, families, spouses and careers this doesn't mean that our feminine side and the want to treat ourselves disappears. We continuously talk ourselves down and all this instead of embracing who we are NOW and loving the skin we are in TODAY. It’s safe to say that the act of love heals more than the act of hate, and that has never been more direct then when it’s within out own bodies.

I’m here to empower you to love yourself just a little bit more. Whether that's taking the leap into self love for the first time, OR walking with you as you continue your journey.

I’ve created all sorts of packages to satisfy every budget. Also, this is a safe love zone. I do not discriminate based on race, religion, body shape, gender… or what ever other box you’ve been put in to. I’m just here to make you feel sexy and beautiful.

Now let’s get started.

My Photography Services are offered in Newcastle NSW Australia and Sydney Australia. I travel once a year to the United States and also have all Australian capitals as well as New Zealand on my sights. I offer a range of photographic services for a variety of occassions. Sessions are currently offered at PD HQ here in Newcastle Australia, at your home or on location.

Session sittings are now only $249 until December 31 2020. Print, Digital and A-La-Cart Packages are then selected at your image debut and our payment plans are available world wide and across multiple currencies. 


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USA: Las Vegas
T: +1 404 698 0142

Australia: Newcastle NSW 
M: +61 423 177 516


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday
By Appointment Only

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 Pearl Davies is an Australian based photography studio for fashion, glamour, boudoir, vintage, pinup, burlesque, music and commercial photography. Pearl Davies and her team have been helping restore confidence and self-esteem since 2008. We have an any shape, any colour and any size motto for our clients and are proud ambassadors of the #effyourbeautystandards motto. We are an all female studio and do studio, location and live photography.

We cannot wait to meet you. 

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